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Customs broker Shipship Royale offers the customs consulting service in import-export operations for the most accurate preparation of external contracts and data on costs and documents specific to each type of goods.

Customs advice is given to individuals and/or legal entities wishing to import goods, export goods from the UK, or have personal effects.

We also advise the customs you need to negotiate the best external contracts.

Experience has shown that the importance of transport elements in contract negotiation has diminished, often leading to significant losses.

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Shipship Royale offers consulting for:

In case of need, our company can send you samples and samples to different laboratories for the necessary tests according to the requirements of each type of goods.

Domestic and international transport consulting

We can provide consulting to clients interested in domestic and international transport services in:

We provide customers with price information, optimal conditions under which these shipments can be made, transport documents, transit times, formalities, proper packaging and correct arrangement of pallets in trucks, insurance of goods during transport, respecting the principles of free competition , etc.

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