Customs broker

The customs broker performs the following operations:

Customs broker

The customs broker performs the following operations:

  • Responsible for import/export customs operations;
  • Manages the relationship with the authorities in connection with customs operations;
  • Provides correct and timely solutions for customs activities;
  • Collaborates with the departments involved in the reception/delivery of products that require customs operations;
  • Ensures the taking over of the documents accompanying the parcels and their transmission to the accounting;
  • Takes over and centralises the delivery, reception, and transport documents
  • Takes over and verifies the conformity of the transport invoices / CMR / AWB.

A customs broker performs the customs clearance process, an advanced way of declaring the goods to the customs authorities during the border crossing. With only a few exceptions, almost all goods shipped to/from the EU must be reported to the UK customs authorities and the appropriate destination authority.

The customs broker will facilitate the customs clearance of the goods, verify the documents, and establish the customs duty for the imported goods (VAT is added). These tangled operations require technical skills and electronic access to the HMRC customs portal and knowledge, experience, and powers to avoid border congestion, errors, or miscalculations.

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Shipship Royale

The customs broker department deals with customs clearance for:

  • Legal entities;
  • Individuals.

 The customs broker department performs customs procedures for:

  • General merchandise;
  • Goods considered dangerous for sea and air transport (example: paints, batteries, corrosives, etc.);
  • Personal effects.

The most common documents issued by Shipship Royale as a customs broker are:


Exactly, it is about GMR (GVMS), and in the following, we will detail its significance and the obligations of the transport operators.

GMR is a reference and represents the latest MANDATORY requirement for crossings to Great Britain from EU countries, with the help of which the entire operation of admitting the transported goods will be controlled.

GMR is REQUIRED to be presented by the driver at checkpoints in all UK ports and is VALID (so pay attention to the validity of the reference) for every single crossing it makes.

All goods vehicles must have GMR, and for this, you can contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

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