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Shipship Royale

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About us – Shipship Royale is more than just entrepreneurship; it is passion, it is education for values, respect for customers and suppliers, in short, it means Luisa and Paul – two beautiful people, always ready to face any severe or uncomplicated challenges, which define entrepreneurship, but always grateful for the good. The story of Shipship Royale started from them, from ambition and vision, from love for knowledge, and especially from passion.

Shipship Royale has become one of the most well-known logistics companies today, although its beginnings have sometimes been challenging. Founded in 2014 in Romania and moved to the UK in 2023, the company has put the person behind the brand above anyone else, so Shipship Royale always opens its doors with respect and love for entrepreneurs, customers, or suppliers, offering before all the consulting services so that the whole transport procedure can be carried out without problems, without losses, but especially without the obstacles imposed by a system that is often bureaucratic.

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Luisa, Paul si Pabllita

Luisa, Paul and Pabllita mean, in short, Shipship Royale.

Luisa was born in Resita (Romania) and grew up at the foot of the Semenic Mountains, where she trained professionally, and today she is the man who “sees” herself. This woman entrepreneur ambitiously runs a logistics company that assumes growth and loss, along with other experiences that can help you evolve. And there could be none of this if she did not have Paul around, who encourages her, giving her the essential determination in any activity – progress.

Paul means years of experience, and work, a man devoted to his profession, a reliable partner for Luisa, and a husband who helps her through difficult moments with love. We could say that he is the “invisible” man but always the company’s foundation; he is the one without whom the bridge to the world built by Luisa with vision and clarity could not be sustained, not having solid pillars.

Pabllita is their puppy, the one who gives them the morning minutes of pampering and unconditional love, the one who helps them end their day happily through a walk-in three, she is the mascot with the soul of the company; she is the one who always naturally offers them the most beautiful proof of love.

Shipship Royale, a customer-oriented logistics company

Shipship Royale offers integrated transport and logistics services and customs and transport consulting representation, mainly containerised transport services.

Shipship Royale, through its services, is a company that considers the client’s needs, whether we are talking about clients, legal entities, or individuals.

By talking to them, you can get an overview of what it means to carry out acts of international trade, which involves an import or export, what documents must be submitted in advance, what delivery conditions apply in international trade, such as it is possible to carry out an import or export of goods in the intra or extra European space, but also details on the submission of import and export customs declarations in the European Union and Great Britain. Through everything they communicate to you, you will notice that passion manages to exceed any limits. It appears even in technical fields. This is because entrepreneurship means dedication, satisfied people, and respected values.

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